The RAPID ARC® process, characterized for its pulsed waveform with current control, aiming high penetration weld profiles.

Welding process: GMAW RAPID ARC®
Welding position: Flat
Wire: ER70S-6
Diameter: 1,2 mm
Wire feed speed: 15 m/min
Voltage (mean): 28,2 V
Current (mean): 334 A
TRIM: 1,26
Welding speed: 45 cm/min
CTWD: 12 mm
Shielding gas: Ar+8CO2
Welding power source: LINCOLN POWER WAVE 455

High-speed video: IDT MOTION PRO Y4-S2
Illumination system: LASER CAVILUX 500W with 800nm

Video production and editing: Marcelo P. Okuyama
Responsible for welding test: Kauê Riffel and Rafael Bernardi

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