A GMAW version with inductance control applied to deep penetration welds. It is crucial to highlight the incorrect inductance settings in down slope current period, after a short-circuit event. In this case, the current falls quicker than Kd1 and the buried arc becomes unstable due to crater profile near-instant closure.

Ks and Kd are parameters set in IMC DIGIPLUS A7 for up slope and down slope inductance control, respectively. Their values are inversely proportional to the inductance applied in the circuit (higher Ks or Kd results in lower inductance, and vice versa).

Welding process: GMAW
Welding position: Flat
Wire: ER70S-6
Diameter: 1,2 mm
Wire feed speed :15 m/min
Voltage (mean): 32,5 V
Current (mean): 350 A
Inductance: KS 100 and KD 100
Welding speed: 45 cm/min
CTWD: 12 mm
Shielding gas: Ar+8CO2
Welding power source: IMC DIGIPLUS A7

High-speed video: IDT MOTION PRO Y4-S2
Illumination system: LASER CAVILUX 500W with 800nm

Video production and editing: Marcelo P. Okuyama
Responsible for welding test: Kauê Riffel and Rafael Bernardi

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