Offshore Oil and Gas: Brazil, Petrobras and Underwater Welding

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Oil and gas continue and will be an important supply of world’s energy and materials, with current 30 % share of offshore exploration tending to increase along the years. And due to its remote and harsh environment, the offshore
drilling of oil and gas especially in deep and ultra-deep waters requires huge investments with the employment of a multitude of personnel and operations involving very advanced technology. These are only possible for few major
companies the world, among them it is Petrobras – Petróleo Brasileiro S/A. Regarding the relevance of the oil and gas industry in the energy matrix and of Brazil in this world scenario, this is an assessment of the most significant
information available. It is mainly focused on the state of the art and challenges of the underwater welding, covering different scientific and technological aspects related to its process techniques and materials. It considers the differences of UW materials and process requirements for seabed pipelines and offshore structures regarding construction and repair with risks involved such as hydrogen induced cracking and porosity. More importantly, research institutions and related projects developed or under development in Brazil, together with related practices being used inside the Petrobras, is given herein as to outline the place and importance of underwater welding inside the oil and gas industry.

Pottmaier, Daphiny; SILVA, Regis H. G. ; ALARCON, Orestes E. . Offshore Oil and Gas: Brazil, Petrobras and Underwater Welding. Brazilian Petroleum, Gas and Biofuels Institute - IBP. Rio Pipeline Conference & Exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, 2017.