A new approach for MIG/MAG cladding with Inconel 625

DOI 10.1007/s40194-016-0371-3
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This paper presents the development of a new version of the MIG/MAG process for use in cladding. The work continues with what in marketing terms is known as “cold processes.” That is why the validation of this new version is compared with the cold metal transfer (CMT) version. This new version uses alternating current (AC) provided from a power source which has the ability to regulate all the electrical variables, so that it is possible to meet the requirements for reignition of the arc while changing the polarity and also ensure the stability of the metal transfer. The welding tests were aimed at the use of water wall cladding in thermal power plants. The version developed presented characteristics that are common to CMT and interesting for the application of coatings: low welding power and low dilution of the deposited material. Furthermore, the good stability and wettability of the developed process, together with the high productivity in comparison with the CMT version, demonstrate its potential use for applying metallic coatings by welding.

Keywords: Pulsed arc welding AC GMA surfacing Deposited metal Nickel alloys 



DUTRA, J. C.; SILVA, R. H. G.; MARQUES, C. et al. A new approach for MIG/MAG cladding with Inconel 625. Welding in the World, v. online, p. online, 2016. doi: 10.1007/s40194-016-0371-3